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5 ways Judo stops bullying

5 Ways Judo Stops Bullying

As a parent, you don’t want your child being bullied just as much you don’t want them to be the bullies themselves. Judo classes pride themselves on helping children stop the bullying, whether they’re on the giving or the receiving end. But let’s look at how Judo does that:

Building Confidence

It’s usually the small, shy, quiet children who get picked on. By joining our classes though, children get more confident and therefore lose interest in the bullies.

Technique Over Strength

Judo techniques are designed to break the balance of the opponent rather than forcing strength and therefore children will learn that size doesn’t really matter. However small they may be, they can overcome bullying, sometimes simply by standing their ground.

Safe Environment

Bullying is usually an outlet for aggression and anger. Joining our Judo classes will help your child deal with and control any negative feelings they’re experiencing, providing a safe place for them to outlet their frustration.

Learning Respect

Respect is one of the building blocks of Judo. Training with us will teach your child to respect the other judokas, the Sensei, and themselves as well. This will then automatically lead to them respecting everyone around them regardless of age, race, or gender.


Last but not least, we’ll teach your child to defend themselves or “unarm” their opponent should a real fight arise. More importantly, they’ll develop ways within themselves to find peaceful solutions to bullying, which is all based on healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Bullying is a rising issue, everywhere we look. Enrolling your child in one of our classes will help them deal with the bullies or prevent them to become one.

Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, back in the 19th century, started to learn jujutsu because he was bullied in school due to his small size and weak body. He then went on to develop Judo from jujutsu which was then and still is taught in schools all around Japan.

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