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Safeguarding in sport is a set of actions that help to ensure all children and vulnerable adults participating in sport have a positive experience.

Safeguarding is focused on keeping all children and vulnerable adults safe from harm, abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect.

A key part of safeguarding is spreading the message about keeping children and vulnerable adults safe, to challenge community norms and build a community culture in judo of always acting in the best interest of all children at all times.

Safeguarding in judo

British Judo take safeguarding and the safety of its members extremely seriously. Hajime Judo Club follows the BJA guidelines and policies in relation to ensuring a safe environment for all those taking part in judo, particularly children and vulnerable adults. Follow the link to the BJA Safeguarding pages for further information.


Our  Welfaire Officer is Victoria Perry who has been appointed, trained and DBS checked for the role by British Judo.

If you have any safegurding or wellbeing concerns or questions please call Victoria on: 07359779866 or email her at:victoria@hajimejudoclub.com