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A fantastic environment for your child to grow

Start your Judo journey with fun and tailored classes.

Our qualified coaches specialize in creating positive and enjoyable environments for every child’s Judo journey. With music and games, we combine traditional Judo with playful interaction to create fun sessions for all ages between 5-15.

We work with each child to build lifelong skills and attributes such as self-discipline, resilience, and respect – helping them to become well-rounded individuals as they grow and develop.

Although Judo is a combat sport, the activity does not require force or aggression; instead, we teach each member to focus on their technique to beat their opponents. This way, we promote a safe space for children to build lasting friendships.



We know how important it is for your child to forge friendships at a young age. At Hajime, we encourage our members to see their fellow members as companions instead of oppositions, teaching sportsmanship and creating a safe environment for genuine friendships to form.


During a child’s development, it’s essential for them to gain confidence and feel comfortable in their own abilities. Judo classes teach children to persist in their pursuits, become the best in their field and be proud of their achievements – which can be carried through the rest of their lives.


Learning new skills and improving our abilities is an important part of our growth. Despite being a combat sport, Judo requires tactics beyond strength and force including focus, self-discipline and confidence.

Kids monthly
£ 25 Monthly
  • 1x class per week
  • 50% discount on judo kit
  • £22 per month per sibling