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About Us

The community. The people. The club.

Hajime is the Japanese word meaning ‘beginning’ and just like the name of our club, our members begin a journey towards greater strength, self-empowerment, and a sense of community.

With a dynamic approach to Judo, our coaching improves strength and cardiovascular fitness at each of our five locations. We opened our very first Dojo five years ago at our Skipton base, and since then our community has grown to Leeds Middleton, Leeds Horsforth, Harrogate and Selby – with expert coaches available at every site.

Although Judo is a combat sport, the activity does not require force or aggression; instead, we work to achieve balance, resilience and focus to win over an opponent. Whether you’re an adult looking to build strength or a parent enquiring for your child, we tailor every class to each member’s needs – ensuring an enjoyable coaching session at every visit.

About Balazs

With over three decades of experience, Sensei Balazs dedicated his life to Judo from the age of five and never gave up. With a palpable passion for martial arts and a unique Hungarian approach to the sport, Balazs launched Hajime Judo Club, determined to make Judo more accessible. After several serious injuries, he decided to retire from the international Judo competition scene and utilise his dedication to the sport in a different way. Having experienced first-hand the mental and physical benefits of Judo, coaching was the inevitable next step to share his passion. As a qualified coach with tons of experience working with both children and adults, Balazs operates across all our locations. With a spirited community of loyal members, the success of Balazs’ coaching is driven by his unique style and genuine love for Judo.

About Mikey

I began martial arts training when I was 12 after I started watching the UFC. I trained in a few striking martial arts until I found my true love in Judo. I have trained in Judo for around 7 years altogether, competing regularly and recently winning my black belt. I also enjoy practising and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, earning a blue belt. In terms of my values, as a small child I was bullied, but Judo gave me confidence, friendship, and respect. I bring these values every day by committing to developing myself as a coach and student, sharing my passion and uplifting others. Outside of martial arts, I am passionate about supporting people with mental health problems. I have earned several degrees in psychology, and I help people using therapy as well as supporting NHS development.

In my downtime I like walking in the countryside, watching musicals and watching fantasy and Sci-Fi movies.

Our Values

The eight values of Judo are integrated into every stage of our training model at every class we host.