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Training that goes beyond sport

Looking to train your body and mind?

Our Judo sessions achieve just that.

The sport of Judo is dynamic, improving one’s own strength and cardiovascular fitness more than any other martial art. Whether you’re looking to compete, enhance your fitness or establish a new skill, our Judo coaches help you to stay focused, disciplined and more confident in your abilities.

Our adult classes are specifically designed to target both physical and mental wellbeing, creating a community between yourself and fellow members. Regardless of background, gender or martial arts experience, our adult classes are available to anybody aged 15+.

Adult monthly

£ 29 Monthly
  • 1x class per week
  • 50% discount on judo kit

Why choose Judo?


Despite being a combat sport, Judo requires tactics beyond strength or force. We teach our members how to beat an opponent by breaking their balance, without using aggression or violence. With that, individuals learn self-discipline, self-defence and respect while engaging in the sport.


Our members are constantly working to improve their strength, fitness and technique which also benefits their self-confidence. With the hard work of a training session and the collective support of your team, our members often push themselves further than they could have imagined.


We work hard to achieve a sense of community within our classes, working together towards personal advancement. Our expert coaches and fellow members want to see you thrive and grow, which forms a great basis for supportive, lasting friendships.