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Location, location, location


Location, Location Location

Hajime Judo Club is established at different locations in and around Leeds.

The reason for this goes back to the year of foundation when we pledged to make Judo more accessible in the area.

Where to Find Us

Our base is in Harrogate, so we wanted to expand our community within reasonable reach. Our very first location was Skipton and we’re now represented at 5 different locations including Leeds Middleton, Leeds Horsforth, Harrogate, and Selby – with expert coaches available at every site.

Why Choose Hajime Judo Club?

We feel it’s our responsibility to teach Judo and all its disciplines to children and adults alike wherever they are. Everyone should know Judo to a certain level for its community-building benefits as well as its positive mental and physical effects. We’re on a venture to make it a reality.

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