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How does Judo build self-discipline and focus


In our opinion and experience, Judo builds self-discipline and focus more than other sports. This

is down to two reasons:

Traditional Etiquette

Judo has got traditional etiquette that judokas and dojos adhere to all around the world. It’s a universal etiquette established by the founder, more than 100 years ago.

You’ll see referees stop a competition if flaws are shown on a judoka’s outfit, and snippets of judokas following the same etiquette in every dojo they ever set foot in.

Complex Sport

Judo is more complex than any other martial arts (talking about the more popular ones these days) and therefore requires a lot of practice.

There is a saying going around in the Judo world:

“It doesn’t matter how many Judo techniques you might be able to execute, all that matters is how many times you have executed one single technique”

This is because that one technique can make or break your career in Judo. And to be the absolute best at that technique, you’ll have to be practicing it for years on, that’s what makes judokas resilient and focused.

Build Self-Discipline

Are you interested in building your self-discipline and focus with Judo training? Book a place at one of our classes to give it a try.


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