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How to choose between martial arts?


The most searched word when talking about combat sports is “martial arts”.

However, when you join a “martial arts class” coaches attempt to cover everything, so you don’t learn anything specific.

It’s always recommended to choose one martial art and get a deeper knowledge rather than trying to dip your toe into some of them gaining no real skills or knowledge in any of them.

Goal over matter

When choosing a sport to pursue, you might want to think about your goal first. How do you picture yourself, what’s your aim with joining a club?

All martial arts are related one way or another, but they have different names for a reason

. One will improve your fitness more than another but another might help you build more self-discipline, etc.

Do you see yourself in full contact fight with someone? Or rather a no-contact practice? With or without a weapon?

Do you want to be challenged and go for a harder sport or rather an easier, not-so-intense one?

Surrounded by friends? Or prefer being on the mat for a 1-2-1 lesson?

Don’t be fooled though, classes that offer insights into all or most martial arts, don’t go into depth and therefore won’t give you anything more than physical exercise.

Sports that fall into the martial arts category can give so much more than physical exercise if presented properly.

Benefits of Judo

Judo in this regard provides the following benefits more than others:

  • Improved overall fitness, especially cardiovascular health (it’s more intense than others, working with throws in standing position as a core element and having dynamic rules).
  • Community – Judo, traditionally was designed around a strong community spirit –
  • just look at Japanese society.
  • Respect – trust is built on respecting each other. To be able to do Judo you have to trust and respect your partner in many ways.
  • Discipline – due to set etiquette within the Dojo.
  • Flexibility – to be able to execute certain moves.
  • Resilience – you fall, you stand back up. You’re pinned, you stand back up. Over and over again until you gain the knowledge of how to defend yourself.
  • Focus, improved concentration – to anticipate your opponent’s next move.


If you feel like you’re ready to be challenged and would like to gain any of the above skills, come and book a free trial now.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our family!


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